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1. Reducing cyclic testing time for components of automotive suspension system utilising the wavelet transform and the Fuzzy C-Means. 2017
2. The need to generate realistic strain signals at an automotive coil spring for durability simulation leading to fatigue life assessment. 2017
3. Generating strain signals under consideration of road surface profiles. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S08883270150004242015
4. The Morlet and Daubechies wavelet transforms for fatigue strain signal analysis. http://www.scientific.net/AMM.471.1972014
5. Wavelet-based feature extraction algorithm for fatigue strain data associated with the k-means clustering technique. http://www.scientific.net/AMR.891-892.17172014
6. FCM-based optimisation to enhance the Morlet wavelet ability for compressing suspension strain data. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S22118128140005102014
7. Time-frequency-based fatigue data editing for automotive applications. http://ajbasweb.com/old/ajbas/2014/Special%2012/88-91.pdf2014
8. Acceleration data extraction associating to the peak-valley segmentation approach using the Morlet wavelet transform. http://www.cmsim.eu/papers_pdf/january_2014_papers/8_CMSIM_Journal_2014_Abdullah_etal_1_69-77.pdf2014
9. Application of the wavelet transforms for compressing lower suspension arm strain data. http://www.scientific.net/AMM.663.782014
10. Generation of simulated acceleration and strain signals as the responses of a car coil spring. http://erc-instabilities.unitn.it/material/ffw2014_proceedings_v2.pdf2014
11. Extracted fatigue damaging events using the Morlet wavelet-based algorithm. https://www.hkie.org.hk/html/publications/transactions/2011/v18n1/v18n1_abs4.asp2011
12. Comparative study on data editing techniques for fatigue time series signals. http://www.scientific.net/AMR.146-147.16812011
13. Data scattering of fatigue damaging segmentation in order to develop the fatigue damaging and Morlet wavelet coefficient relationship. http://www.praiseworthyprize.com/IREME-latest/IREME_vol_5_n_4.html2011
14. The use of Morlet wavelet coefficients for identifying fatigue damage features. http://www.pertanika2.upm.edu.my/Pertanika%20PAPERS/JST%20Vol.%2019%20(S)%20Oct.%202011/19%20Pg%20107-114.pdf2011
15. Vibrational fatigue analysis of a strain loading using the frequency and wavelet filtering methods. http://www.scientific.net/KEM.462-463.1242011
16. Extracting fatigue damage features using STFT and CWT. http://www.wseas.us/e-library/transactions/signal/2010/89-557.pdf2010
17. The Morlet wavelet analysis for fatigue feature clustering. http://www.wseas.us/e-library/transactions/mathematics/2010/89-558.pdf2010
18. Wavelet coefficient extraction algorithm for extracting fatigue features in variable amplitude fatigue loading. http://www.scialert.net/fulltext/?doi=jas.2010.277.283&org=112010
19. Live load analysis on main tribune frames of the Harapan Bangsa stadium. 2009

1. The Morlet wavelet-based features extraction for compressing automotive fatigue strain data. http://www.gbv.de/dms/tib-ub-hannover/769921949.pdf2013
2. Effectiveness of the Morlet wavelet in generating new shortened fatigue strain signal. http://dspace.unimap.edu.my/xmlui/handle/123456789/102902010
3. Using Morlet wavelet coefficients to cluster variable amplitude fatigue features. http://www.wseas.us/e-library/conferences/2010/Cambridge/CFH/CFH-04.pdf2010
4. Time-frequency localisation analysis for extracting fatigue damaging events. http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=
5. A pilot study of the fatigue strain signal behaviour at lower suspension arm based on road loadings. 2009
6. Correlation between the fatigue damage and the Morlet wavelet. 2009
7. Ability of the Morlet wavelet in shortening a fatigue strain signal. 2009
8. An extraction computational algorithm based on the Morlet wavelet coefficient spectrum. http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/5478722/?reload=true2009
9. Identifying fatigue damaging potential locations using coefficients of the Morlet wavelet transform. 2009
10. Analysing the wavelet transforms of fatigue strain signals: application in the Morlet and Daubechies wavelet families. 2009
11. Fatigue feature clustering algorithm using the Morlet wavelet. http://www.wseas.us/e-library/conferences/2009/baltimore/MAVISE/MAVISE-12.pdf2009
12. Analysis of joint reactions: using aided moment method (AMM). 2008
13. Simulasi komputer untuk memprediksi besarnya daya pemotongan pada proses pembubutan silindris. 2007
14. Strength analysis due to static load on main tribune truss of Harapan Bangsa stadium. 2006

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