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1. Differences in English Proficiency Test Scores between Students of Social and Natural Sciences . http://www.e-iji.net/dosyalar/iji_2019_1_31.pdf2019
2. Perceptions and Barriers to ICT Use among English Teachers in Indonesia. http://www.tewtjournal.org2018
3. The Effectiveness of Using the Jigsaw Model to Improve Students’ Economics Teaching-Learning Achievement. http://www.educationalrev.us.edu.pl/issues/volume-51-2018/2018
4. The Use of Collaborative Strategic Reading to Teach Reading. http://www.jim.unsyiah.ac.id/READ/article/view/9257/38842018
5. An Analysis of Students’ Ability in Writing Caption Through Instagram. http://www.jim.unsyiah.ac.id/READ/article/view/9228/38692018
6. The Influence of Authentic English Video Clips on Students’ Listening Comprehension. http://www.educationalrev.us.edu.pl/dok/volumes/tner_3_2018.pdf2018
7. Progressive Peer Evaluation: Important but Absent in EFL Speaking Classes. http://www.jurnal.unsyiah.ac.id/SiELE/article/view/111152018
8. The Influence of Authentic English Video Clips on Students’ Listening Comprehension . http://www.educationalrev.us.edu.pl/issues/volume-53-2018/2018
9. The application of video clips with small group and individual activities to improve young learners’ speaking performance. http://www.tewtjournal.org2017
10. Critical Thinking Skills Used Among University Students In Reading Comprehension . www.e-aje.net 2017
11. The effectiveness of immersive multimedia learning with peer support on English speaking and reading aloud. http://www.e-iji.net/dosyalar/iji_2017_1_13.pdf 2017
12. A Survey on Young People's Purposes and Communications Activities in Coffee Shops in Banda AcehS. http://giapjournals.com/index.php/hssr2017
13. An exploration of students' difficulties in using critical thinking skills in reading. https://journal.tarbiyahiainib.ac.id/index.php/attalim/index2017
14. Teaching Reading Comprehension through Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review (SQ3R) Strategy. http://www.jim.unsyiah.ac.id/READ/article/view/7174/31922017
15. The Problems Encountered by Male and Female Students in Learning Speaking Skill. http://www.jim.unsyiah.ac.id/READ/article/view/7165/31832017
16. The Role of English Teachers in Guiding Students to Win the English Debat Competition. http://www.jim.unsyiah.ac.id/READ/article/view/2593/14282017
17. Teaching students’ writing skill through Stay and Stray Technique. http://www.jim.unsyiah.ac.id/READ/article/view/3222/15602017
18. The students’ perceptions toward teacher’s way in teaching reading comprehension. http://www.jim.unsyiah.ac.id/READ/article/view/3228/15612017
19. The Effects of Immersive Multimedia Learning with Peer Support on Speaking Skill among Male and Female Students. http://www.jurnal.unsyiah.ac.id/SiELE2015
21. An Overview on How First Language (L1) is Acquired and learned. http://-2013
22. Reading Strategies in Teaching: Theoretical Review. http://-2011
23. Selecting Extensive Reading Materials and Constructivism Theory in the Teaching and learning English Language. http://-2010
24. The International Students' Motivation in Learning Bahasa Melayu as a Foreign Language at UKM Malaysia. http://-2010
25. Sibernetik dan Teori Konstruktivis dalam Pengajaran. http://-2010
26. Kemampuan Guru dan Respon Siswa terhadap Pelakasanaan Model Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris di SMP Negeri Banda Aceh. http://-2010
27. Kemampuan Guru Bahasa Inggris Melaksanakan Model Pembelajaran Authentic Assessment di SMA Kota Banda Aceh. http://-2008

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