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1. Spatial Statistic Analysis of Earthquakes in Aceh Province Year 1921-2014: Cluster Seismicity. http://jurnal.unsyiah.ac.id/AIJST/article/view/48782016
2. Investigation of Shallow Structures as The Pathway of Oil Seep in The Alue Punoe Village, Bireuen District, Aceh Province, Indonesia. http://jurnal.unsyiah.ac.id/AIJST/article/view/49262016
3. Exploring Seulimeum Fault In Aceh, Indonesia Using Magnetic Method . http://www.jurnalteknologi.utm.my/index.php/jurnalteknologi/article/view/96282016
4. Determination of Limestone and Overburden Resistivity Values for Tropical Region Using 2-D Electrical Resistivity Imaging (2-DERI) Method. http://www.ejge.com/2015/JourTOC20.4.htm2015
5. Velocity Effect Over Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Signal. http://www.ejge.com/2015/Ppr2015.0236ma.pdf2015
6. Applying Gravity Method For Mapping Seulimeum Fault System in Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar (Indonesia). http://www.ejge.com/2015/Ppr2015.0406ma.pdf2015
7. Delineation of Potentially Contaminated Zones by Electrical Resistivity Method in Aceh Besar, Indonesia. http://www.ejge.com/2015/Ppr2015.0805ma.pdf2015
8. Gravity Method Used in Identifying the Nothern Part of Seulimeum Fault, Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar, Indonesia . http://www.ejge.com/2015/Ppr2015.0409ma.pdf2015
9. The Identification of Fault Zones in Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar (Indonesia) Using Magnetic Method. http://www.ejge.com/2014/Ppr2014.001mar.pdf2014
10. Seulimum Fault Verication Using 2-D Resistivity Imaging. http://www.ejge.com/2014/Ppr2014.008mar.pdf2014
11. Characterizing Features of Faults using Magnetic Method: Preliminary Results in Seulimeum Fault, Aceh Besar (Indonesia). http://www.ijeir.org/administrator/components/com_jresearch/files/publications/IJEIR_1024_Final.pdf2014
12. Utilizing 2-D Resistivity Method for Seawater Intrusion Study at Benteng Kuta Lubok, Aceh-Indonesia. http://www.ejge.com/2014/Ppr2014.014nar.pdf2014
13. Preliminary Study of Sumatera Fault Using 2-D Resistivity Imaging Method. http://www.ejge.com/2014/Ppr2014.086ma.pdf2014
14. Magnetic Method Used In Geothermal Exploration in Ie-Seu?um, Aceh Besar (Indonesia). http://www.ejge.com/2014/Ppr2014.203mar.pdf2014
15. The Application of Induced Polarization and Chargeability for Geothermal Fluid in Volcanic Area, Northern Sumatra. http://www.ejge.com/2014/Ppr2014.226mar.pdf2014
16. The Investigation of Hot Spring Flow Using Resistivity Method at Geothermal Field Ie-Seu um, Aceh-Indonesia. http://www.ejge.com/2014/Ppr2014.227mar.pdf2014
17. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Study Over Specific Medium. http://www.ejge.com/2014/Ppr2014.313mar.pdf2014
18. Mapping the Seulimeum Fault System in Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar (Indonesia) Using Gravity Surveys.. http://www.ejge.com/2014/JourTOC19Q.htm2014
19. Assessment of Leachate Flow at Gampong Jawa Dumpsite Area, Banda Acheh (Indonesia). http://www.ejge.com/2014/JourTOC19Y.htm2014
20. Mapping Leachate Flow Using 2-DERT at Gampong Jawa Dumpsite Area, Banda Aceh (Indonesia). http://www.ejge.com/2014/JourTOC19Z2.htm2014
21. Leachate Migration Delineation Using 2-D Electrical Resistivity Imaging (2-DERI) at Gampong Jawa, Banda Aceh. http://www.ejge.com/2013/Abs2013.130.htm2013
22. Water Table Delineation for Leachate Identification using 2-D Electrical Resistivity Imaging (2-DERI) and Seismic Refraction at Gampong Jawa, Banda Aceh. http://www.ejge.com/2013/Abs2013.132.htm2013

1. Groundmagnetic survey used to identify the weathered zone, in Blang Bintang, Aceh, Indonesia. http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1755-1315/56/1/012017/meta2017
2. Characterization of Hot Spring Outflow in Geothermal Area of Seulawah Agam’s Ie Seu’um, Aceh-Indonesia using Induced Polarization Method . http://www.icesred.unsyiah.ac.id/proceedings/10.%20Marwan%20et%20al..pdf 2016
3. Resistivity Identification Using 2-D Resistivity Imaging for Geothermal Study. -2015
4. Preliminary Study in Seulimeum Fault, Aceh Besar (Indonesia) using Gravity and Magnetic Methods . 2015
5. Aplikasi Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) untuk Mendeteksi Objek pada Berbagai Media. https://www.dropbox.com/l/CHOMEgllq290rCakPKSHhr2014
6. Roots as Medium for Measuring TENORM Radiation Around the Gas Industry Area. https://www.dropbox.com/l/R24lPZqAho8Vp0wNAbsAgs2014
8. Numerical Simulation for Scenario Based Volcanic Hazard Assesment (VHA) at Seulawah Agam Volcano, Aceh, Sumatera. https://www.dropbox.com/l/neRKiiqjzpzbrW535PBucu2012
10. ASPEK TEORITIK PEMBANGKITAN GELOMBANG EKSTRIM TIDAK PECAH DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN SOLITON ATAS LATAR BERHINGGA. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8kk2ifzv2whju3x/3.5_Semirata%202012.compressed.pdf?dl=02012
11. Geoelectrical characterization for liquifaction at Coastal Zone in South Aceh.. http://www.jurnal.unsyiah.ac.id/AICS-SciEng/article/view/19612011
12. STUDI STRUKTUR BAWAH PEMUKAAN PADA ZONA SESAR DENGAN METODE MAGNETOTELLURIK . https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rj0pizfx915kge/4_Paper%20Semirata_2011_Full.pdf?dl=02011
13. Direction Effect On The Maximal Peaking Of Bichromatic Wave Propagations In Hydrodynamic Laboratories. http://-2009
14. Comparison Between The Third Order Solutions Of Korteweg De Vries (KdV) And Boussinesq Equation In The Extreme Wave Generation. http://-2009
15. A Preliminary Statistical Study Of Investigation Possibility Rainfall Earthquake Precursory Parameter, Sumatra Subduction Zone Case Study. http://-2009
16. Suspended sediment pattern in the coastal region of Muda River mouth, Malaysia. http://-2009
17. Comparison of Geoelectric 2D Wenner Schlumberger and Dipole-Dipole Methods in Analyzing of Subsurface Characteristics in Volcanic Area. http://-2009

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